Help on Mutations:

Life is tough in the post apocalypse. Many times, you may find yourself in a situation no ordinary human could safely get themselves out of. But worry not -- you needn't be an ordinary human!

Mutations, as their name may suggest, modify your DNA to give you advantages over pureblood human beings. Some mutations may increase your damage resistance. Others may increase or decrease your skills. Still others give you special powers, like the ability to jump up cliffs, eat random junk, or spew noxious smoke to help escape your enemies. Most mutations come with a caveat, however - a downside, a negative effect to balance them out.

In order to take a mutation, you must have a free mutation slot. Mutation slots are obtained through training; you'll receive them at set intervals of xp. To develop a mutation, you have to find its location and type mutate 'mutation name'.

If you're having trouble locating a mutation, simply click the name of the mutation you want more information on.


Location: Crater Rim

Your advanced stomach allows you to eat almost anything, and your powerful digestion system increases your endurance!

[ Your climb increased by 1! ]
[ Your endurance increased by 2! ]

[ You've just received some new commands. ]
[ munch : Use your increased powers of digestion to consume an item. ]

Incompatible vampire


Location: Storage Room (princeton general)

You gain the power to inflict bleeding wounds on yourself, but you will feel naked whenever you are not covered in at least a little blood. Additionally, bleeding wounds will cause you to enter a frenzy.

[ You've just received some new commands. ]
[ rend : Tear bloody gashes all over your body. ]

Associated Drugs:
   * brawn: 4.0
   * senses: 4.0
   * medic: -4.0
   * sneak: -8.0
   * focus: -12.0
   * craft: -4.0
   * sneak: -4.0
   * scavenge: -4.0
   * appraise: -4.0

Incompatible superclot and zombie


Location: Mountain Pass

Nasal cavities swell and grow thicker networks of nerve endings, enhancing tracking and overall sensory awareness.

[ Your senses increased by 2! ]
[ Your track increased by 4! ]


Location: Radome

Welcome your skull's new guest with an open mind...

[ Your brains increased by 3! ]
[ Your brawn decreased by 2! ]
[ Your reflexes decreased by 1! ]

[ Your stunned resistance increased by 35! ]

Incompatible zombie

Brute Strength

Location: Sewers

Thickened muscle tissue which boosts brawn, but hurts endurance a bit.

[ Your brawn increased by 3! ]
[ Your wrestle increased by 1! ]
[ Your endurance decreased by 1! ]

Incompatible swollen brain


Location: Sea of Dunes

Fat tissue reorganizes into a powerful water-storage medium. You'll get thirsty much more slowly. Drugs (both good and bad) will also take longer to work their way through your system.

[ Your endurance increased by 1! ]

Incompatible eelskin and iron liver


Location: Sea of Dunes

Your arm's grown into a swollen cudgel of living, angry tumors. It makes using the arm a little difficult, unfortunately, but it's great for hitting people with.

[ Your clubs increased by 2! ]
[ Your reflexes increased by 1! ]
[ Your scavenge increased by 1! ]
[ Your throw increased by 2! ]
[ Your chemistry decreased by 1! ]
[ Your craft decreased by 4! ]
[ Your locksmith decreased by 5! ]
[ Your medic decreased by 3! ]
[ Your pilot decreased by 1! ]
[ Your repair decreased by 3! ]

Incompatible nimble fingers, ripper, tendrils, and horrorspike

Cat Ears

Location: Weezer Village

You have fuzzy little cat ears and a tail! Falling's not as dangerous, and you hate water. Also, you have an odd affinity for Linux distributions and tearing down government hierarchies.

[ Your bombs increased by 1! ]
[ Your hack increased by 1! ]
[ Your rifles increased by 1! ]
[ Your swim decreased by 2! ]

Incompatible third nipple


Location: Berkeley Psychic Institute

Develop the power to psionically sense and absorb the emotions and feelings of others. On the upside, it will help your psionic and medical abilities; on the downside, the torment of others may harm you.

Empaths gain the ability to give massages, which reduce stress for the lucky target.

Empaths are also more effective at use of the 'medium' mutation's location ability.

[ Your brains increased by 1! ]
[ Your focus increased by 3! ]
[ Your medic increased by 2! ]
[ Your persuade increased by 2! ]
[ Your senses increased by 2! ]

Incompatible third nipple